Mel & Zack Durham

400 Union Ave SE, Suite 200
Olympia City, WA 98501

Our story starts back at Washington State University - go cougs! We spent 4 years in Pullman and graduated with our Bachelor's then moved across the state to Seattle. We both grew up in Washington, Mel in Vancouver and Zack in Olympia, but wanted to experience the city life before moving back home. After 6 years it was time to find a bigger place to call our own which at the time it was nearly impossible in Seattle. We did try and find a place for about 2 years, thinking that the market would fluctuate or we'd get lucky and find one that we'd miraculously be able to outbid against 20 others. While there were some outdated homes, we did see some pretty awesome ones with the old Seattle character. We did find a few in our price range and even put an offer in on one but were eventually outbid. This was when we knew it was time to leave the big city.

We moved back down to Olympia, to be closer to family and knew it would be easier for us to find a home that we could grow in. It didn't take us long, only about a week, and we bought our first house :). We absolutely love it and don't have any plans to move anytime soon. With moving to Olympia, our jobs luckily didn't change. We were able to either transfer or be able to work remote for 90% of the time. However it was always in the back of our minds that we wanted to get into real estate. It was just a matter of when. We welcomed our first child, a baby girl - Quinn, and both of us went on maternity/paternity leave. We thought, well now is the perfect time to get our licenses!

Not only have we always had a love for homes but we've always had a love for working with people. We've both come from sales backgrounds and we can honestly say the most rewarding part about working in sales is the clients. We love connecting and meeting new people and are passionate about helping them. With Zack growing up in Olympia we know the area like the back of our hands and promise to stay up to date on all market trends. We are so excited to share our personal experiences along the way as well as inform our following about any and all things real estate.

(360) 481-2073